Posted on: February 2, 2008 10:54 pm

People think they can beat Tiger Woods?

Why do some other Golfers say that Tiger is beat able or say other bad things about him?  In my opinion, which means nothing, people should use there actions speak and not their words.  Tiger is the best golfer ever, so give him some credit insted of saying he is beat able.  Everyones "beatable."  Jack Nic. did not win every single time.  So why pick on Tiger?
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Posted on: January 28, 2008 7:08 am

Big Players

In college basketball there are so many players that CAN HIT THE BIG THREE LATE IN THE GAME.  Let's use Mr. Beasey form K St.  He can hit a lot of three balls and still play down low.  Another example is Courtey Fells, from my favorite team,NC state.  Fells and killed some teams late in the game.  In the NCSU Vs. Miami, the game went into over time and the wolfpack was down by five, If  i remeber right.  Fells hit a deep deep three to make it a one possesion game.  Then he made a beautiful pass to hickson to tie the game up.  NCSU would win that game because of Fells.  In the game @ FSU,  NCSU was down by three and Fells preceed to hit a three from behind the NBA three point line.  I might add that he had four hands in his face because of a douple team.  Again Fells was a huge difference.  It is players like these two that a team loves to have.  There are plenty more in NCAAB like O. J. Mayo, Stephen Curry, and Derrick Rose.  I wonder if college basketball can get any better?

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